Broker Case Study

Posted on January 12, 2017
We were approached by a broker who had been working for a small brokerage in the $30 million range. He was not the principal broker and only had a small ownership stake. Essentially, he was a producer building their book of business. He knew the head of the brokerage well and could see the benefits of owning a brokerage both in terms of legacy and income. He had also built up a decent book of business and was fairly confident that he could replicate on his own what he had achieved with the brokerage. The question was, could this individual not only continue to be a top producer but also manage a business?... Read More

Direct Seller Case Study

Posted on January 13, 2017
PROLINK Broker Network was approached by an agent from a large direct seller who had found us online and said he was considering a move to the broker side. His father had announced his retirement and the agent knew that if he stayed with the direct seller there would be no legacy to pass on. He was also tired of being dictated to by one insurance market and having to follow whatever decisions they made. It was directly impacting his potential income. The company had just had a poor year and suffered significant losses so they had increased the rates, which limited the amount of business he could sell, and ultimately the amount of money he could make.... Read More